WELCOME to the Brunswick County Tennis Association!


Mission Statement

To promote active participation in the sport of tennis and to encourage further development and care of tennis facilities throughout Brunswick County.

Core Values

The BCTA is committed to the promotion, growth, and development of tennis as an enjoyable, lifetime sport that contributes to good health, character, and responsible citizenship.

The BCTA welcomes all people who play, watch, support, or enjoy the game of tennis to its events, programs, membership, leadership, and activities on a non-discriminatory basis.

The BCTA recognizes that maintaining fiscal responsiblity and promoting the financial well-being of the BCTA are indispensable to the ability of BCTA to pursue its mission.

The BCTA, as a volunteer-based association, shall recruit and retain a dedicated body of volunteers and provide for their development.

The mission is served by support of grassroots tennis development.

Leadership of the BCTA is exercised through the Board members, committee chairs, and area representatives.